Rasputin Impersonator
Rasputin Impersonator

List of songs to check out. Basically just listen to all of the albums but here are my favorites. I’m trying to limit them, but it’s difficult.

From Young Machetes (2006)

1. Set Fire to the Face on Fire

2. We Ride Skeletal Lightning

5. You’re the Dream Unicorn!

6. Vital Beach

7. Spit Shine Your Black Clouds

9. Lift The Veil, Kiss The Tank

10. Nausea Shreds Yr Head

From Crimes (2004)

1. Feed Me To The Forest

2. Trash Flavored Trash

3. Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck

4. Peacock Skeleton With Crooked Feathers

6. Rats And Rats And Rats For Candy

7. Crimes

11. Wolf Party

From Burn, Piano Island, Burn (2003)

1. Guitarmy

5. Ambulance Vs. Ambulance

7. Cecilia and the Silhouette Saloon

8. Six Nightmares at the Pinball Masquerade

9. The Salesman, Denver Max

From March On Electric Children (2002)

4. New York Slave

6. Siamese Gun

7. Mr Electric Ocean

From This Adultery Is Ripe (2000)

2. Doctor! Doctor!

3. The Face in the Embryo

6. Jordan Billie Pets The Wild Horse’s Mane

8. This Adultery Is Ripe

10. Jennifer

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